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Kevin Boardman

Artist. Educator. Creative Consultant


DIN 476

A4 paper is exactly 297mm x 210mm, It is based on the German DIN 476 standard for paper sizes. ISO paper sizes are all based on a single aspect ratio of the square root of 2. Here is a collection of A4 paper into 16 sections.  The user can use A4 paper within the confinements to build, draw, write or participate in some way to this system to highlight papers endless potential.


Paper Party 1.0

Living room covered in paper. Participants inhabit the space to socially interact, generate ideas and create art in its own right.


Paper Party 2.0

Living room covered in paper for participants to socialise and take ownership of a new built space.


45 Meters of Conversation

Collaboration with Artist Georgina Fox. We became active participants to a build a paper space and log  conversations of the active public transport passing by this active exhibition. Conversations, words, phrases from the public was logged through writing on the space.


Paper Workshop

Workshop produced for Manchester School of Art students and Islington Mill Art Academy




December 2018

Link Gallery - Paper Factory, Manchester

October 2018

Please Press Pause and Try Again Later - Antwerp Mansion, Manchester

February 2018

Link Gallery - The case for improvised Production, Manchester  

December 2017

Get it done - Art auction, Manchester 

July 2015

Manifest - Third Floor and Project Space, Manchester  

February 2014

Platform Exhibition 2 - Shudehill Studios, Manchester 

November 2013

Platform exhibition 1 - Shudehill Studios, Manchester